Bushwalking Page of Jeffrey H. Kingston

Jeff Kingston

Bushwalking is the Australian word for walking through the bush (any undeveloped area) for recreation: anything from a short stroll on a well-maintained path to a multi-day walk through rugged country carrying a tent and other gear in a backpack.

This page offers track notes for some walks in south-eastern Australia for which information might be hard to find elsewhere.

The photograph shows Jeff Kingston at Mt. Owen in the Budawangs, southern NSW, ca. 2010. Taken by Graham Burgess.

      Jeffrey H. Kingston

Putty to Rylestone, NSW, June 2005

Diamantina Spur, Blair Hut, Weston Hut, and the Niggerheads (Jaithmathangs), Alpine National Park, Victoria, April 2011

Portal Lookout to Lapstone Station, near Glenbrook, Blue Mountains National Park, NSW, July 2012

The Horse Track, Evans Lookout to Junction Rock, Blue Mountains National Park, NSW, March 2013

Kanangra to Katoomba, Southern Blue Mountains, NSW, April 2017

Tooma Dam, Pretty Plain Hut, and Wheeler's Hut, Snowy Mountains, NSW, November 2023

Round Mountain and Mount Jagungal, Snowy Mountains, NSW, Australia, March 2024